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Puppy Basic Training, Socialisation, 5 basic obedience steps, ownership skills.

Our Basic Training program is structured for puppies. Puppies can get stressed, we have put together  a program for puppies to enjoy and learn there are  six sessions, of one hour each. We will address some of the more frustrating, challenging problems.

Benefits of Our Puppy Basic Training: you want puppies to start slow, understanding the basics before you try anything more advanced. Paying attention to issues that are problematic before they take hold. With this course you will learn the basics of training, and the common problem's new owner face everyday.


Adult basic training, problem solving, 5 step obedience step training, good ownership skill.

Our Adult Program, takes into account that adult dogs have problems, that are ingrained into natural  behaviour. The course follows the Scientific Patron, of 3 tear training. With 6 elements over a 6 week course. This bespoke foundation  for good behaviour course. We also look to focus on techniques for owners to progress and control every day problem's. With our small class sizes allowing the training staff to give one-to-one attention. 


The Foundation Course, is for people who have had some Dog Training, who would enjoy learning more. People who have completed our 6 week Adult or Puppy course generally, move onto our foundation course. The course includes, Learning to understand how your dog learns. The different training techniques  you could use. General Obedience training. The foundation course includes a First Aid for dogs. The course is designed for new trainer to begin to understand more complex exercises. 


The Advanced Training classes are for those dogs who have had formal training. The classes are for those who really want their dogs to rock and roll. With advanced lessons in Sit Stay, Down Stay, Recall, Retrieve, Sent Detection, Walking off lead. And Much More. 

The Classes run from week to week. Learning to train dogs in more complex exercise such as Sent Detection, the course is structed to give new trainers the different techniques of teaching.  


Our Positive, Modern dog training methods emphasize consistency, patience and communication. Giving you  exercises that are practical in everyday life. We teach you how to train dogs . in a private one to one  lesson, you will learn problem diagnoses, and have a format to train your dog. Some behavioural problems are better addressed more effectively  addressed in the Private home. Than in a group class. All Private Consultations Are with our Canine Psychologist. 


Flyball and agility Training, our classes are designed to build teamwork between dog and owner and trainer, while giving you the challenges. Dogs should have the basic obedience training before taking the course. 

At this time training is suspended.