New six week Course will Begin on the 21st June 2024

   Puppy training classes Friday 5.30pm Book your place                          early. Limited to just 8 puppies. 


We are beging a reactive program, the places will be limited to 5, if you have a reactive dog please contact our head of training 07490 719752.To Book your place The program will be 2.30 untill 3.30 and 4pm till 5pm cost will be £200 for a 8 week course with follow on classes.

What are our Goals.

 To provide owners quality professional dog training, For Their pets, We offer Pet Training At An Afordable Price. We are a none profit Organization 

Community project

community project is a term applied to any Community based project. That exists to benefit the community, The Happy Dog Training Academy was designed to give everyone the opportunity to have professional training for their pet's. To eliminate the cost to anyone who has financial constraints. Every pet that enrols receives subsidised Dog Training. Unlike most charities, NO one with The Happy Dog Training Academy receives payment, everyone is a volunteer.  We rely on the generosity of the Community's Donations. 

Provide training to rescue pets

ALL PROFITS GO TO HELPING RESCUE DOGS, we provide training free of charge. To abandoned pets. In rescue centers 

              We are a non-profit Organization

  OUR NEXT 6 WEEKS COURSE BEGINS                      ON THE 21st June 2024,                          Book your home visit lets get you and                     your dog on the right path     

Classes are held Friday 5-30 pm untill 6-30 and 6-30 to 7-30. Advance Classes 7.30

                                                                            Adult Classes have been surspended 

    Limited to 8 places (Please Book Early) places do go very quickly, the earler             you book the more time you will have to condition your pet, conditioning takes                  place in your home, probably the most inportant excercise for you both                                                                      

     At just £120 for our 6 Week Course and home visit  

                       Call Us On:- 07490 719752                               

      Classes are held at St Johns Community Hall  St Johns Street Rastrick                         Brighouse HD6 1HN.  For more information, Contact Head of Training                                                                Graham On 07490 719752                                                                                    Email:-

What Training do you provide in the class setting?

The course is over 6 weeks of one-hour sessions. We will cover the following items. But are not limited too.  

  1. Heel Work (getting your puppy to walk along your side, without pulling).
  2. Sit Stay (Having your puppy sit and stay for a period of time without moving).
  3. Down Stay (Puppies will learn to lay down and stay for a period of time).
  4. Recall (Having your puppy sit and wait for you to call them back to you).
  5. Emergency First Aid (teaching you the Heimlich Manoeuvre and C,P,R on dogs).
  6. Nutrition in dog’s (how your puppy food can course behaviour problems).

What Is the home visit for?

The home visit. We provide a home visit, for conditioning of your pet. This is normally approximately 2 hrs. we provide this in order to show you how your dog works, as each dog is an individual, and each breed has different traits. We begin your training on this visit, this is Nature’s Way of training, it is the way your puppy’s mother would begin to train her litter, we begin nature’s way. Then we move on to Nurture your puppy into training, such things as the sit stay, down stay, recall, etc.