P,D,S,A, Sponsorship Program  

The Committee have approved a sponsorship program, We have approved up to 2 pets access to training from the P,D,S,A  FREE OF CHARGE. This program is only available for referrals from the P,D,S,A. The course run for our six week program. Giving access to everyone. Our aims as always is to allow access to training  for everyone. 

These are the dates for the Advanced classes... 

                  Bigginer and Novice class 7.30 Head of Training Graham 

                         Bigginer Classes 7.30 Every second week Melissa 

         Puppy Class 5.30, and 6.30 Trainer Graham Head of Training/Canine                      Psychologist. We also have 6 other training staff working along side our head of                                                  training and 2 trainees.



                              St Johns Community Hall                                                   St Johns Street Brighouse HD6 1HN

Availability, Classes, Price List, Contacts Useful Information

Puppy Group Training Classes. Book Your Place Today Limited to 8 each class

PUPPY TRAINING and PSYCHOLOGY COURSE. Our               next training Course. Limited to 8 per class.

Have you just brought home you new puppy. You might need help with your training. You can Sign up, For a Puppy Training Classes. Our Group Classes have no more than 8 dogs, and run once a week. The Trainers will show you step by step how to train your puppy. Using positive reinforcement, scientific and psychology to teach you the ways of your dog. How they learn and how to understand your commands. They will be able to give you advice on other problem's you have. House breaking or puppy biting, jumping up etc. Your trainer will work with you once a week for 6 weeks. This will ensure your puppy grows into a credit to you and your family. Puppies can start there training from 12 weeks. The Course will include "Sit Stay, Down Stay, Lead Training, Recall.                                                 COST £120 FOR THE 6 WEEK COURSE. Availability contact 07490 719752


Private One-to-one Training. Our one-to-one, consultations are always with our highly trained Master Dog Trainer and Canine Psychologist. We deal with referrals from Vets and Rescue Centres. Private consultations are by appointments. Please contact Graham on 07490 719752, to arrange an appointment.                                      for advice and information and to schedule an appointment.